We at the Alumni Association are proud to dedicate this page as a special thank you and tribute to the Class of 1936 and to Bernice Dyck, a very special Alumni Association Member and dear friend.

When Bernice heard that the Alumni Association was looking to budget an overhaul of its website and add new social network features, she volunteered money from the account of the Class of 1936. As the soul surviving member of that class, Bernice wanted to insure the money would contribute to the continuation of the schools historical legacy and understood that this website is an essential hub to allow for that to happen.

We at the Alumni Association whole-heartedly thank Bernice and the Class of 1936 for their unwavering support of the Alumni Association, and her warrior spirit. Without members like her we could not do what we do for the current students of Fresno High School.

If you are not a current member of the Alumni Association please join today, if not for yourself, do it as a thank you to Bernice and to support Fresno High students.